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Connecticut Broadleaf
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Boasting rare tobaccos from up to 15 different countries.

Since Drew Estate cigars debuted in the 1990s, they have gone against the traditional view of cigars in the United States. With the clever slogan, “the rebirth of cigars,” Drew Estate has taken the cigar world by storm with its various blends and mixtures that use Nicaraguan long filler as their base. Their cigars have appealed to long time cigar aficionados and the next generation of cigar enthusiasts alike. These blends have established Drew Estate as a major name in cigars. 

When people think about tobacco, they really limit themselves to the major tobacco growing countries like the Dominican Republic, Honduras, and Nicaragua. What most people fail to realize, is that great tobacco is grown and cultivated all over the world. Typically rare African, Himalayan and boutique tobaccos are grown in short supply making them both rare and unique. The limitations on the quantity of this tobacco make it something that deters most cigar makers. However, where most cigar makers see difficulty, Drew Estate sees opportunity. The Natural line utilizes up to 15 different tobaccos when blending the various sizes. These tobaccos come from all corners of the globe. When these tobaccos are mixed with the premium long filler Nicaraguan tobacco and crafted by the expert rollers at Drew Estate, the result is a cigar unlike anything anyone has ever encountered. This all-natural blend is a must try for any cigar enthusiast.

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  • These items cannot be shipped to Massachusetts state addresses.
  • These items cannot be shipped to Massachusetts state addresses.

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Natural Root is a bit more of a traditionalist approach to flavored cigars. Utilizing rare tobaccos from across the globe and finished with a Connecticut Broadleaf maduro wrapper, this medium-bodied blend is rich and aromatic with hints of mocha. Mix things up today with a cigar that is unlike any other.

Infused Cigars
Calling this cigar "Dirt" is more akin to calling a blonde bombshell "homely." She's dark but still light on her feet and incredible sweet; she's the kind of gal you can smoke in front of your mother as she'll like the aroma. Heavy with coffee and just a hint of earth make Dirt perfect for dessert. Instead of some decaf as a night cap, try Dirt instead.
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