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Gispert Intenso

Tim Not Your Grandfather's Gispert

For those of you familiar with Gispert, you know that its original blend is on the mellow to medium side. It’s a great cigar that’s well made and has elegant notes of cream and leather, but it’s not exactly the most complex cigar you’ll ever enjoy, and while I appreciate this cigar’s accessibility, I like something with a little more oomph. Apparently others feel the same, and Gispert heard the calls for a bolder blend. The company collaborated with tobacco master AJ Fernandez, who has quite the track record for making beautifully complex, full-bodied cigars. After careful planning and meticulous sampling, AJ and Gispert released Intenso to please the masses.

Intenso’s Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper is a deep chestnut brown and has a rustic quality to it. That’s the nature of this leaf: it’s thick, leathery, and tough as nails, adding a natural spice and sweetness that no other tobacco offers. Tobaccos from Nicaragua and the Dominican comprise the filler, and when combined with the Broadleaf wrapper, it produces prominent tasting notes of oak, espresso, and leather. It’s bolder than the original for sure, and more complex, but it won’t knock you off your feet with spice and strength. I’ve partaken in a few of these, and I intend to enjoy many more. This cigar is a great collaboration from Gispert and AJ Fernandez, one which I would highly recommend trying.