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La Gran Llave Maduro by AJ Fernandez

Tim You'll Love the Llave.

Why did I find myself surprised, after the first dozen or so puffs, at how much I was enjoying La Gran Llave Maduro when right there in the name, it’s clearly stated “BY AJ FERNANDEZ?" Knowing full well what Fernandez is capable of with tobacco and time, I should have expected this all along. La Gran Llave Maduro is fantastic, with a concerted creaminess throughout the whole experience that’s rare of any blend, for any price. It’s in this velvety mouth feel of lush smoke that really separates and lifts the LGL above the maduro majority. I found the Corona Extra size to be the perfect conduit for maximum flavor, with the chocolaty character of the San Andrés wrapper really shining through from start to finish. Could I have appreciated a bit more spice or complexity? Sure, but I also could use 5k in my bank account and a new Mazda. In my experiences with La Gran Llave Maduro, flavor consistency was present and that flavor was great. If complexity were a criticism, it’d be nattering nitpickery, good for only the raising of serious doubts to be had concerning the source critic. I am not that critic, I’m just a strangely surprised fan of La Gran Llave Maduro.