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Hoyo de Tradicion


Corona (5.7"x45) Preferred size. Burns very smooth and even, but the draw is not too tight for a 45 ring gauge. The flavor seemed a bit more consistent from start to finish and there were very few hints of sweetness in the aftertaste.

Toro (6.0"x52) Excellent burn, even from start to finish. Wrapper had no imperfections and the ash held on for almost two full inches. This size seemed a bit richer than the others and definitely had an underlying sweetness in the finish. Actually did taste some woodsy flavors as well, almost like cedar.

Epicure (5.2"x50) Noticed a lot more earthy flavors after the first inch, in comparison to the Corona size. This cigar was very easy to puff on and the smoke was milky white, but not excessive. Great aroma.

Toro Grande (6.2"x54) Without a doubt the most complex of all the sizes, probably due to its ring gauge. The flavor was a bit more intense during the first inch in comparison to the others and the cigar was significantly stronger about halfway through. Did burn very cool but was lacking the subtle, pleasant aftertaste present in the other sizes.