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Alec Bradley Mundial

Sean G
Yes, this is that cigar. The blend garnered a lot of attention at this year’s IPCPR for being the first cigar shot into space. And unless you can tell me that shooting a cigar into space makes the blend better, I could really care less. Regardless, I still felt the need to try the cigar because of all the goodwill the brand has built up with all of their legendary blends.

The blend is described as being loaded with ligero leaves and it proves that right out of the gate. Notes of a dark espresso and leather are prevalent up front while hints of spice are present on the finish. After about half an inch, the cigar mellows and gives off more of a medium to full-bodied profile. To me, it’s definitely not a complex cigar and tastes a little bit like everything else that Alec Bradley makes. That being said, tasting like every other Alec Bradley isn’t really a bad thing but when you factor in all the great blends they’ve made.