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Sean G
When the blend was launched, the contents of the cigar were unknown. Of course now that enthusiasts have got their hands on it, we’ve figured out that the fillers have a dose of Latakia tobaccos from Turkey. These smoky tobaccos are usually used with pipes and only very few blends use them for cigars. Easily one of AJ’s most unique blends to date, this is one that I’ve been dying to get my hands on.

When you take a whiff of the foot of the cigar, your senses are overwhelmed with the smell of a campfire. Appetizing? Not really. When you light up the blend, the smoky aroma becomes even more apparent, yet, mixes well with the coffee-like aroma of the maduro wrapper. Surprisingly enough, the smoky flavor of the Latakia is in the background rather than being the dominate flavor. When combined with the Nicaraguan tobaccos and the maduro wrapper, the full package reminds me of a chili cooked with some strong-brewed coffee. Is it the best AJ Fernandez blend I ever had? No, but it’s the most unique and definitely a cigar that will add some diversity to my rotation.