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Gurkha Genghis Khan

Sean G Genghis Khan
Churchill (7.5”x52): It's been a while since we touched base with this blend so we wanted to go ahead and give it another review. By this point in time, the cigars have been aging for a few years due to the lack of new production, and this churchill is tasty. Definitely not as potent as it originally was, but the super smooth and creamy flavors you receive are worth the exchange. The sweetness in this blend presents itself a bit more while the hearty, spicy finish remains rather mellow - perfectly balanced. Many cigars age better than others and this is one of them. Only issue with the churchill is by the 5th inch, the balance begins to fade away and you're left with a stout, robust character and builds in strength until the finish. Some may find that good, others not so much. Personally, this is a great blend that got better with age.