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CAO Extreme

Sean G Four Times The Ligero
CAO is one of my favorite brands out there. In fact, CAO Brazilia was the first cigar I’ve ever had and still one I go back to from time to time. The problem has been that their most recent releases haven’t lived up to my expectations. So when CAO Extreme hit our docks, I was a little skeptical. But the brand has done me enough good over the years to warrant me picking up a 5 pack to try…

The packaging and band, while great-looking, really plays up the four ligeros they use in the blend. For me, that’s usually not a good thing and I usually take that as “we’ve stuffed a lot of strong tobaccos in here because we couldn’t find a blend that worked.” But all of those reservations quickly subside as soon as I light it up. Powerful? Yes, but incredibly balanced. Frankly, I’m shocked how much I love this blend. I can only liken it to a powerful cup of coffee that you’re not sure you like at first but soon realize you can’t live without it. Notes of cedar, espresso, cashews and a subtle spice on the finish having me burning up this 5 pack real quick.