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Sons of Anarchy Clubhouse Edition Chapel

Sean G This Is No Gimmick
When Black Crown released the original Sons of Anarchy blend, I was skeptical. Popular show, boutique blend; seemed like a gimmick. That thought quickly washed away once I tried the first cigar. The blend was legit and enthusiasts everywhere seemed to agree as the cigars started to fly off our shelves.

Now that the Clubhouse Edition Chapel has hit our docks, any fear of this cigar being a gimmick is completely washed away. Made by AJ Fernandez and coming in hand carved boxes designed to mirror the iconic clubhouse table from the show, the cigar blows you away on pure aesthetics alone. And after quickly firing up one of these gorgeous gems, you’re hit with the familiar rich and flavorful profile of an AJ Fernandez cigar. The blend sets itself apart by the hints of sweetness that come from the tobaccos being aged in rum barrels. Even though the cigar is wrapped inside an Ecuadorian Habano, it reminds you more of a maduro. The cigar is incredibly balanced and pairs extremely well with the Dominican rum I’ve been hording in my liquor cabinet. Unfortunately, boxes of these classics will move fast but if you get a shot at them, don’t hesitate; this one is worth it.