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Gurkha Red Witch

Dave Season Of The Witch
Rothchild (6.0”x54): Medium-bodied with more earth presented than spice. A touch of espresso reveals itself on the exhale while the blend burns even and true from head to foot due to its box-pressed shape. A great blend for any enthusiast. 89/100 [Buy Now]

Robusto (5.0”x52):
Quite similar to the late Gurkha Regent if you're familiar with that blend. Offers a smoother charater than the big rothchild but the cigar doesn't perform as well with a box-pressed 52 ring. The draw is a bit tight, the smoke a bit hot, and the flavor a bit more raw. However, it's still smooth and elegant while pushing the limits of medium-bodied. 88/100 [Buy Now]

XO (6.0”x60):
For those who like others to bask in their cigar smoke. This size expels a ton of thick, creamy smoke that fills your entire personal space with a hearty aroma of earth and pepper. The finish remains rich and bold with many competing notes of espresso and spice. What's ncie about this XO is although its a 6.0"x60, the cigar was so well-blended that the flavor profile doesn't change much.