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Las Cabrillas

Cortez (4.7”x50): Medium-bodied from start to finish with light complexities throughout. Expect a creamy finish from the Connecticut wrapper with some hints of black pepper and cedar in the aroma. Robust yet balanced.

DeSoto (6.8”x50):
The draw remains a bit tight as this size expels light puffs of smoke. Much more robust than the Cortez, greatly building in heartiness as you progress past three inches. Expert more notes of pepper and earth instead of cedar while the finish remains with you for a while after extinguished.

Balboa (7.5”x54):
Excellent draw and burn, releasing thick clouds of hearty smoke with an excellent earthy, cedar aroma. Not as creamy as the other sizes due to the extra Mexican fillers needed to fill the 54 ring gauge, so you'll lose some of the great flavors from the Connecticut wrapper. For those who want a less refined, bolder experience.

Columbus (8.2”x52):
We were looking forward to enjoy this size but unfortunately it simply didn't perform. It burned hot with a super tight draw and felt rather unbalanced. Strong and hearty but offered a bittnerness some may enjoy. If you're all about body and long burn times, this size is for you. But if you prefer a refined, well-balanced blend, stay away.