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Their most elite and premium release to date.

Black Ops has established itself as one of the best everyday cigars in the business. But now, they step up to the premier stage with their latest creation: Rubicon. Black Ops Rubicon features 28 chunky Torpedos housed in an authentic ammo can straight off the frontlines. 

The blend is an elegant new creation that hits the medium to full-bodied mark with notes of dark chocolate, espresso, and black pepper. The bold, rich offering is loaded with Dominican tobaccos and executed with a Pennsylvania Broadleaf maduro wrapper. The bar has just been set a little higher for the industry’s maduro-wrapped blends.

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Box of 28
$262.00 | save $127.01 | 48% off
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Backordered Notify
$262.00 | save $127.01 | 48% off

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Dave Gurkha Black Ops Rubicon

As Black Ops most premium release to date, this bold looking torpedo features a large, gold foot band to mimic a .50 caliber bullet. It is a bit soft to the touch but no major construction issues. Right off the bat there is an onslaught of dark chocolate notes mixed with some espresso and black pepper. Housed in genuine ammo cans, the bar has just been raised. Black Ops Rubicon is an exceptional value with a great blend and unique packaging.

Sean G
Sean G Perfect end-of-the-day blend

Look, I’ll admit it. I totally got sucked into the packaging of this beauty. An ammo can? A sleek beanie? Shiny foil?! Ok, none of that means anything when it comes down to the cigar itself but I still like to be romanced from time to time.

So what is the blend like? Rubicon is made in Nicaragua with Dominican tobaccos and finished with Pennsylvania Broadleaf maduro. The blend starts off with a wallop of spice that wasn’t very welcome but it settled in quite nicely after that. The smoke is heavy and thick and just hung on palate with an incredibly long finish. Notes of cedar, espresso, and dark chocolate stay with you long after the cigar is finished. I wouldn’t start my day with a Rubicon but it’ll definitely be my go-to cigar after a long summer day.

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