Full-Bodied Fanatics

Our office pretty much consists of enthusiasts that only reach for a full-bodied cigar when they crack open their humidors. So when we asked our staff what to pick for this lineup, a fight almost broke out; fanatics indeed. But when the dust settled, we agreed on five blends that always remain in steady rotation in our humidors. So after a long, stressful day at the office, take some solace in these full-bodied gems that come expert approved...

Montecristo Media Noche

A Staff: Alex Alex
With so many exciting boutique blends on the market, Montecristo can often get overlooked. The brand is a classic that can never be replaced and blends like Media Noche prove that. Comprised of Nicaraguan, Dominican, and Peruvian tobaccos, Media Noche delivers notes of cedar and cashews with a rich espresso finish. A truly balanced blend.
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Man O' War Ruination

B Staff: Sean G Sean G
I don’t consider myself an enthusiast who only enjoys full-bodied blends. I enjoy all types of flavor profiles especially since its part of my job. And even after firing up a myriad of cigars on a daily basis, I find myself coming back to Man O’ War Ruination. One of the finest full-bodied cigars out there, AJ’s blend is teeming with rich flavors of cedar, spice, and hints of espresso.
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Joya de Nicaragua Antaño Dark Corojo

From a collaborative effort of tobacco masters Joya de Nicaragua and the mad scientists at Drew Estate, comes the JDN Antano Dark Corojo.  Don’t be afraid, it looks hardcore but it’s more of a balanced blend than an all-out firebomb. The blend is loaded with flavors ranging from espresso to pepper with a long, rich finish. Embrace the darkness!
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Gurkha Warpig

With a name like Warpig, I expected huge flavor right out of the gate. Instead, Warpig sneaks up on you with a slow, deceptive build. Smooth notes of a dark espresso hit you up front while more potent notes of black pepper, oak, and hints of cocoa are apparent through the finish. Truly a well-balanced blend, I like to battle this pig with a nice red wine as a complement.
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Partagas Black Label

E Staff: Sean L Sean L
Being a maduro hound, I couldn’t think of a better selection than the Partagas Black Label. This full-bodied blend from a classic brand has been a favorite of mine for years and each time is like visiting an old friend. The crown jewel of this blend is the Medio Tiempo Sun Grown wrapper by; it’s dark, oily, toothy, and simply put: amazing.
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