All I Want For Christmas

This holiday season, our experts have compiled a jolly mix of old standbys and new releases worthy of any cigar enthusiast’s Christmas list. Stealing the show is the much anticipated rerelease of Diesel Wicked, yet every big name pick is a winner in their own right. With five hearty, full-flavored selections featuring impeccable construction, what else could you want?

Diesel Wicked

A Staff: Alex Alex
Diesel Wicked is my favorite Diesel blend of all-time. The only problem was that this limited release was snapped up quick by any enthusiast with a pulse. Well, it’s back for a second run and I’m not missing my chance to stock up. The ligero-laced gem is bursting with flavor and is the perfect late night treat.
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Graycliff Espresso Series

B Staff: Sean G Sean G
There’s nothing like a true Graycliff from the Bahamas. The high-end brand makes some of the finest boutique cigars in the world. The only problem? The hefty price tag. But it’s the Christmas season so I’m treating myself to Double Espresso’s robust blend of ligero tobaccos covered inside a gorgeous Costa Rican maduro wrapper.
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Oliva Serie 'V'

Oliva Serie ‘V’ changed the way the industry and enthusiasts looked at full-bodied cigars.  It was the first to specially ferment a ligero-heavy blend to provide a robust flavor that remained smooth and balanced.  Fast forward more than 5 years later, the Serie V still wears the crown. This is what a true classic tastes like
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Latitude Zero

This may be the best cigar of 2014. Latitude Zero utilizes the top 1% of the tobacco harvested and comes across medium to full-bodied. Notes of earth, leather, and cedar with hints of espresso migrate from puff to puff. Pair it with something subtle so you don’t miss out on the wondrous complexity.
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Man O' War Puro Authentico

E Staff: Sean L Sean L
Just like AJ Frenandez, the master behind these corona sized bundles of joy, I love to enjoy these on a daily basis.  Full-bodied, spicy and well balanced is the name of this game.  If you’re looking for a go-to blend that will keep you coming back for more, these are the firecrackers that will do the job.
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