My Father



A fitting tribute from son to father.

Sometimes the first is the best. Considered by many the apex of artistic expression and blending precision, this prestigious blend was released in 2008 and hasnt slowed down since. This flavorful concoction offers a full-bodied character with a long, full finish. All cigars coming from Tabacalera My Father incorporate traditional Cuban characteristics, from the entubado style bunching (folding the filler tobaccos in an accordion fashion) to the triple caps used at the head of each cigar. These traditional Cuban methods enable the cigars to burn and combust perfectly, which in turn creates intense amounts of complexity followed by a smooth and enjoyably long finish.  

My Father is excellent in terms of quality, construction, and complexity. This blend consists of specially selected tobacco grown at the most prestigious farms in Esteli, Nicaragua. The wrapper is a beautiful Ecuadorian-grown Habano Rosado leaf, which is combined with a Nicaraguan binder to create a full-bodied complexity that is earthy with spicy undertones but expels a phenomenal aroma. Each size comes packaged in elegant boxes of 23, all featuring an old Cuban-style presentation.

Cedro Deluxe Cervantes (Corona Extra) (6.5"x44)
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Cedro Deluxe Eminente (Corona Extra) (5.6"x46)
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SingleIn Stock$8.50
Pack of 5In Stock$42.50
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Box of 23Only 4 Left$195.50
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Corona (Limited Edition) (5.0"x42)
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No. 1 (robusto) (5.2"x52)
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Box of 23In Stock$223.10
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No. 2 (belicoso) (5.2"x54)
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Box of 23Backordered Notify$253.00
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No. 3 (crema) (Toro) (6.0"x49)
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Pack of 5Only 5 Left$57.50
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Box of 23In Stock$264.50
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No. 4 (lancero) (Lancero/Panatela) (7.5"x38)
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SingleIn Stock$10.10
Pack of 5In Stock$50.50
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Box of 23Only 3 Left$232.30
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No. 5 (toro) (6.0"x56)
SingleIn Stock$11.70
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Box of 23In Stock$269.10
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Toro Gordo Box Press (6.0"x60)
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Pack of 5In Stock$60.50
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Box of 18Only 4 Left$217.80
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