Savory Sumatrans

Often overlooked in favor of Connecticut and Habano, Sumatran seed tobacco is a leaf with which you'll want to get familiar. Originally planted in Dutch East Indies, the Sumatra leaf did not take hold as a premium wrapper until it was rooted in Ecuador. Grown exposed to the sun under natural cloud cover, Ecuador Sumatra is sweet, peppery and flavorful. Get familiar with Sumatra seed today.

Man O' War Armada

A Staff: Sean L Sean L
The Man O' War Armada is arguably one of the finest cigars to leave Tabacalera Fernandez. The secret to its success can be contributed to the elusive and coveted ligero sun grown wrapper. Rich notes of almond, cedar, and leather abound making this one of the most decadent and appealing cigars to hold the Man O’ War name.
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Savory Sumatrans

The Cardinal series runs a bit of the stronger side yet the smoke is rather smooth. Even though this blend is light on spice the power is still there, so don’t let it fool you. Leather is in the forefront of this cigar with a toasty bread note with just a hint of coffee and earth. For heavy hitters out there, this blend packs one serious punch.

Rocky Patel Royal Vintage

C Staff: Kirsten Kirsten
Of the near endless Rocky Patel blends, Royal Vintage consistently gets rave reviews from my VIP’s. They appreciate the fact it doesn’t go over the top strength and spice. Royal Vintage has everything a cigar should have: fantastic flavor, perfect construction, and easy on the eyes - so you should have one, too!
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La Gloria Cubana Serie R

In this industry, so often it is all about the next best thing. On the contrary, I enjoy classic blends that have stood the test of time, and few have maintained a loyal following quite like Serie R. This Ecuadorian Sumatra wrapped beauty from La Gloria Cubana is bold and rich, yet refined and smooth. It’s time to take a much closer look at Serie R.
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