Expert Picks: Habano Heat Wave

As you're entering the heat of the season, we're hitting up some Habanos that are sure to fire things up this summer in a great way. Featuring top-notch construction, savory flavors, and premium presentation, our experts chose cigars that are sure to last you the whole way through your summer BBQs, vacations, and days of relaxation in between. Be sure to have a cool beverage at hand when you're about to toast up this selection of expert picks!

H. Upmann 1844 Reserve

H. Upmann 1844 Reserve made a lasting impression in my group of handmades. This cigar performed like a champion with top-notch construction. The deep, ample tobacco flavors from the tri-country long-filler blend of Peruvian, Nicaraguan, and Dominican leaves provided an experience that was smooth and flawless.
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Diamond Crown Julius Caeser

Diamond Crown has always been known for their quality, and Julius Caeser is spot-on! A stunningly silky Ecuadorian Habano wrapper cloaks Dominican fillers bringing in notes of wood, spice, and coffee. This is one blend you never have to worry about stabbing you in the back!
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Ave Maria Divinia

Be ready to be blown away by they brilliance and appearance of the box-pressed Divinia. Providing an extremely smooth draw, this cigar burns perfectly with a pleasant, unexpected mellow balance along with nuances of chocolate, espresso, and hints of hazelnut. This is one "Cuban-esque" blend to enjoy, especially when paired with an aged Rum.
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Cohiba Nicaragua

Cohiba really outdid themselves by going the Nicaraguan route. Below the oily Honduran Oscuro wrapper are hand-picked, Nicaraguan long leaves grown in Jalapa and Estelí. Creamy and cool with notes of leather, cedar, and whispers of sweetness makes for a top-notch experience! Full-bodied, bold, and smokes like a dream!
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Oliva Master Blends III

I'm always all-in when it comes to Oliva. I truly don't think they make a cigar that isn't great, and trust me I've dug deep! What's their best blend? Tough question, but Master Blends III has to be in the running. Box-pressed with a beauty of a Broadleaf wrapper around lively Ligero long-leaves, this premium is full-bodied and smooth, too!
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