All Summer Long

With the midst of summer on the horizon, it’s time to stock up on a blend you can trust day in and day out. Your time to relax outdoors is valuable, and it’s our mission at to make the most of it. That’s why our experts assembled a list of tried and true blends guaranteed to perform one after another all summer long. Enjoy!

Oliva Serie 'V'

If you are like me, you seem to have a new favorite cigar every month.  No matter my favorite at the time, I do tend to have that mainstay list of five or so brands that I just find myself always reaching for.  This month, I am deviating away from my “flavor of the week” picks to a mainstay in my rotation and a long time favorite, Oliva Serie V.  This cigar debuted in 2007 (to much acclaim with a 94 rating from Cigar Aficionado and the No. 4 spot on their annual Top 25 list that … Read More
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HC Series Criollo

B Staff: Kirsten Kirsten
Any given Friday, you can find my father and I standing under the oven hood sharing a cigar and perhaps a few whiskeys. Blowing clouds of smoke into the exhaust, refilling our whiskey glasses here and there, and recommending each other whatever smokes the other hasn't sampled yet. Recently he handed me an HC Series Criollo and told me that he could not believe how well-crafted and flavorful it was. Now my father and I normally find ourselves enjoying fuller bodied cigar but this medium-bodied smoke has a
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Nica Libre Silver 25th Anniversary

Nica Libre or Free Nicaragua is a brand that not only celebrates the people’s emancipation but also the amazing tobaccos that are grown and imported into the Central American country.  The latest installment of Nica Libre is called the Silver 25th Anniversary in honor of Violeta Chamorro’s victory in the 1990 Nicaraguan general election.  While my teacher friends could tell you much more about the details, I’ll save my limited vocabulary to try and cover the cigar’s character … Read More
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Diesel Uncut

If you read through more than three issues of our catalog you know I have a rather large affinity for anything AJ Fernandez makes. One of his newest releases the Diesel uncut is one of my newest everyday smokes but they do pack a punch so I tend to leave these for my last smoke of the evening. As the name might infer the uncut has an unfinished foot resembling something like a turtle neck that’s collapsed upon it’s self but gives it’s a rustic feeling on first removal from the cello. … Read More
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Daniel Marshall Red Label

E Staff: Sean L Sean L
When we hear the name Daniel Marshall, we automatically think of the world’s most beautifully crafted humidors. The craftsmanship, dedication, and creativity are endless and reverberate through these works of Art. His humidors have been used in films, rest in the homes of stars such as Al Pacino and Arnold Schwarzenegger and have been given to notable heads of state, such as George W. Bush. Even the late George Burns could contest to the standard of excellence, he stated in personal letter to Daniel
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