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Spot The Differences Between Originals and Seconds


Rocky Patel Vintage 1990
Key Differences:

• Cigar bands

• Available in boxes, packs of 5, and singles

• No blemishes, soft spots, or discoloration

• Perfect flavor, aroma, and construction qualities

• High end premium price

Rocky Patel Vintage Seconds

Key Differences:

• No cigar bands

• Only available in mazos

• Small blemishes, inconsistent wrapper color

• Perfect flavor and aroma

• Affordable everyday value

Can you really tell the difference between a second and a first? I bet if we were on the golf course, I could hand you an unbanded second and you would be none the wiser. Seconds are often overlooked throughout the industry and I believe this is due to a lack of trust. I challenge you to seek out cigar seconds on a regular basis and here’s why: you’ll find yourself having the exact same experience compared to burning a first, but you’ll notice your wallet remains quite heavier as a result. Seconds are not attempts at recreating or reproducing a popular blend; they are simply cigars that do not pass a factory’s quality control standards due to small blemishes in the wrapper, maybe slight discoloration, or maybe they have a small problem with construction. However, at the end of the day, seconds are the same as the factory’s firsts in terms of flavor and blend, but available at a drastically reduced price.

As cigar consumer’s become more educated and more experienced, they also become more discerning regarding their cigars. They understand the differences between a premium cigar and an everyday cigar, they want more refined complex flavors, and they expect perfect construction characteristics. This fact puts more pressure on factories for better quality control standards. As factories increase their quality control processes, more seconds become available, and that’s where we jump in to grab them up.

We carry seconds in Alec BradleyRocky Patel, and other high end brands while continuing to add more to our lineup on a regular basis. I thoroughly enjoy burning through seconds. Sure, every now and then I come across a poor draw or a cigar that really should have been discarded at the factory, but for the majority of what I purchase as seconds, I find myself saving money while still enjoying those premium flavors I love. What makes seconds even better is handing them to your friends or golf buddies because let’s face it; they probably won’t appreciate a fine cigar as much as you, unless of course they’re active enthusiasts like yourself, in which case they’ll appreciate the premium flavor profiles. The only downfall to seconds is the fact that they come and go randomly since they are a product of quality control. My suggestion; regularly check if seconds are available in your favorite brands and if you find some, get them. Not only will you be surprised with the quality of the cigar, but you’ll grin from head to foot knowing you paid pennies for something that sells for dollars. 

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