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Picking A New Cigar


The 2013 annual IPCPR cigar trade show is quickly approaching. While new cigars come and go, 80% of the latest and greatest are unveiled at this annual tradeshow, which sees attendance from the industry’s top cigar makers and tobacconists all competing for space in your humidor. Of the many brands that debut at the show, few offer the staying power to become “classics” on par with previous winners such as  Oliva Serie ‘V,’ Liga Privada, and Man O’ War. So how will you sort through the many latest and greatest to find your next favorite blend? We’ve made the ultimate cheat sheet to help you quickly narrow down specific cigar characteristics you enjoy. This will aid in creating a starting point for picking those newly released cigars you must get your hands on!

Step 1: Body

Narrow down the massive selection of new brands by beginning with the strength profile you prefer. Whether you’re a mellow or full-bodied enthusiast, you should always gravitate towards trying new cigars in your preferred strength profile.

Step 2: Wrapper

Wrapper remains the most dominant component in terms of deriving flavor. When looking for new cigars, consider both the seed type and country of origin of the wrapper. Seek out new cigars with the similar or same wrapper type for a true comparison.

Step 3: Manufacturer

While many different cigar makers may use the same types of tobaccos, each blender has their own secrets regarding how they process the tobacco before production. These secrets lend to certain signature flavor qualities in their blends. If many of your favorite cigars hail from the same cigar maker, consider other offerings in their lines. 

These are merely some simple guidelines. If you are looking for suggestions, your best bet will always be to give us a call at 800.357.9800. Our expert staff of tobacconists are always on hand to help you find whatever you need, including your new favorite cigar!  

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