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Good Cigars


Just getting into cigars and not sure what determines a good cigar? When you’re picking out your premiums you want to make sure you get value for your money. Follow our guidelines and you’ll be set with buying good cigars.

  • Find a cigar shape that you’ll be comfortable smoking, and then judge by the wrapper.
  • Cigar wrappers should be flawlessly applied without gaps, tears, or veins.
  • Avoid any wrappers that are mottled or spotted, wrappers should be uniform in color.
  • Steer away from cigars that feel dry or flake or crumble when touched, this means they haven’t been properly humidified.
  • Look for cigars with a sheen, this indicates that they’ve been cared for properly.
  • Feel the cigar and make sure it’s well filled with tobacco. If it feels consistently firm without any weak spots, you’re good.
  • Smell the cigar, if the smell is appealing then the flavor most-likely will be too, and flavor is important in enjoying a cigar.

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