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Cigars For Golfing


​There are few better places to enjoy a cigar than the golf course. It’s one of the last remaining venues to relish a cigar without having someone ask you to put it out or reference a no smoking sign. From the world’s greatest golfers to the weekend hacker like me, cigars and golf go together like hand and glove. While I’m no expert on fixing your slice, I can certainly help you achieve a more enjoyable cigar experience on the golf course. This process begins with choosing the correct cigars, carrying the necessary supplies, and being aware of cigar etiquette when you’re out on the links. 

There are a few simple rules to follow when choosing a cigar. First things first, the golf course is no place for small cigars, leave the robustos and coronas at home and take along your larger vitolas. When selecting a blend, try to choose cigars that are in the mellow to medium-bodied spectrum. Lighting up a full-bodied stick in the early afternoon can upset the stomach and affect your game….and not in a good way. Lastly, don’t bring your best cigars to the golf course. Chances are, after an errant drive or laughs with friends you’ll end up forgetting about the cigar. Be sure to bring cigars you won’t be upset about leaving behind. Now that you know how to select a cigar for the golf course, how many should you carry? I like to bring at least three for myself and a few for the rest of my group. Anywhere between five and ten will suffice. 

Just like anything else in life, it pays to come prepared. On a windy day, there is nothing worse than trying to light a cigar with a pack of matches from the pro shop. Be sure to bring along a butane torch lighter, it will save you time and frustration when lighting or relighting your cigar. Another great accessory for the golf course is a travel case; I have one that never leaves my golf bag except to refill it. Having a durable case will help protect your cigars and acts as a great storage device if you happen to forget it in your golf bag, like that wrinkled windbreaker that never seems to leave. Last but not least, pick up an inexpensive cutter to keep in your bag and it will save you a lot of trouble. There have been many times I saved the day by having a cutter in the bag, and it might just get you a gratis cigar!

When enjoying cigars on the golf course it helps to use proper etiquette. Tossing your cigar down on the grass is about as clever as washing your golf ball in your mouth. Most courses use a mixture of chemical fertilizers that aren’t made to be ingested much less burned; placing your cigar on the ground is not a good idea. I recommend picking up a Cigar Minder clip or some type of accessory that allows you to rest your cigar with ease. Another rule of thumb is to clean up, be respectful and throw away excess package and finished cigars. The golf course is a safe haven for cigar enthusiasts and cleaning up will help it stay that way. Keep these simple tips in mind and all you’ll have to worry about is your next shot. Hit em’ straight! 

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