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Premium Cigar Playlists


By: Kelly Luciw

I don’t know about you, but let’s face it, we’ve always known the world was one crazy place. We can be honest with our thoughts to say we never saw this one coming. Aside from the current, unprecedented times, I hope everyone is doing their part by keeping themselves plus everyone around them safe, and staying in when they can during the era of COVID-19—I know I am…with my premium cigars!

This brings me to my newest segment: Premium Cigar Playlist. While ensuring you’re getting the best premiums at your doorstep from great deals only can provide to our tried and true—I have been making all this happen from the home front. I don’t know about you, but I feel music gets me through the days. Although I’ve exerted most of my playlists during times of quarantine, that doesn’t stop me from making more! Then I thought, why not make my Premium Cigar Playlist? That’s right, a Premium Cigar Playlist.

When a day’s work is done, and the weather lures me to spend more time outdoors on my porch, doing yard work, or simply taking a walk around the block, a good cigar is just what I need in those moments. There are days where I’ll take a look in my humidor, and will stare blindly at each premium cigar because I can’t pair the ‘perfect one’ with my current mood or task at-hand. This is where a Premium Cigar Playlist comes into full effect. 

Just like music, these Premium Cigar Playlists cover all my needs whether my picks include boutique, one-of-a-kind blends, or simply well-known sticks from some of the most popular brands throughout the industry today—there’s surely a cigar outlined here that won’t leave me high-and-dry when searching for something to fit the mood. 

We’ll start with my favorite outdoor activity: porch sitting. If that’s not a favorite, you might want to work making that a priority! Here’s a few Premium Cigar Playlists that include blends (both boutique and well-known) specific to the type of weather which the day brings—now, time to cue the Porch Sitting Premium Cigar Playlists, Top 5…

Porch Sitting: Sunny Selections Premium Cigar Playlist

1) Oliva Serie ‘G’

2) Drew Estate Undercrown Maduro

3) Ashton Classic

4) Espinosa Crema

5) AVO Syncro Nicaragua Fogata

Porch Sitting: Cloudy Comfort Premium Boutique Cigar Playlist

1) Southern Draw Rose of Sharon

2) Caldwell Hit & Run

3) Diamond Crown

4) Room101 FARCE. Connecticut

5) Nub by Oliva Habano

Porch Sitting: Chill Weather Premium Cigar Playlist

1) Alec & Bradley Blind Faith

2) Diesel Whiskey Row

3) Eiroa CBT Maduro

4) Nica Libre x AGANORSA

5) Camacho Criollo

Porch Sitting: Nighttime Downtime Premium Cigar Playlist

1) Perdomo Reserve Champagne 10th Anniversary

2) Romeo y Julieta Reserva Real

3) Illusione Epernay Serie 2009

4) My Father Flor de Las Antillas

5) Drew Estate Tabak Especial

This next cigar lineup comes in handy when I’m outside taking care of things around the house. Whether it’s maintaining the garden bed, mowing the lawn, or cleaning those gutters out, I’m looking for premium cigars that will do all the work by simply burning and providing all those subtle hints of flavors with very few relights. Here’s a sneak peek into the Outdoor Chores Premium Cigar Playlist, Top 5… 

Outdoor Chores: Premium Cigar Playlist

1) 5 Vegas Gold

2) Macanudo Café  

3) Nat Sherman Metropolitan Host

4) Baccarat

5) Rocky Patel Vintage ’99 Connecticut

To wrap things up is the final group, filled with premium cigars that I like to enjoy while taking a walk around the block. Once I find myself going a bit stir-crazy in times of quarantine, I try to burn some time by taking a walk or two—and burn some premiums while I’m at it! Take a look, find some inspiration, and get out there with your premium  cigars and burn some time with the Burning Time Premium Cigar Playlist, Top 5…

Burning Time: Premium Cigar Playlist

1) CAO America

2) Aging Room Quattro Maduro

3) Padrón Dámaso

4) Perla del Mar Maduro

5) San Lotano Requiem Connecticut

Whether you’re spending this time catching up on that much needed R&R or checking off items on that full ‘To-Do’ list, why not enjoy some cigars while you’re at it? Now’s the time to create your Premium Cigar Playlist so you have the perfect premiums on-hand, no matter what comes your way.

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