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Knowledge Test


​1. Which general category of tobacco leaf is commonly used in the creation of premium handmade cigars?

 a. Light

 b. Black

 c. Burley

 d. Virginia

 2. A Lieberman Machine was designed to do this function in the cigar making process:

 a. Draw Test

 b. Flavor the cigars

 c. Apply the wrapper

 d. Create the bunch

 3. Arapiraca is a type of leaf grown predominantly in which country?

 a. Mexico

 b. Peru

 c. Brazil

 d. Nicaragua

 4. A unique curing process in which the chlorophyll is locked within the leaf creates what kind of wrapper?

 a. Natural

 b. Oscuro

 c. Maduro

 d. Candela

 5. This term is applied to a cigar composed of leaves from a single source and rolled in the country where the leaves were grown.

 a. Puro

 b. Figurado

 c. Corona

 d. Torcedor

 6. This natural process accounts for the majority of change and distinction in cigar tobaccos.

 a. Packaging

 b. Harvesting

 c. Fermentation

 d. Blending

 7. Experiencing a major stimulus in business following the 1959 Cuban Revolution, this country now ranks as one of the foremost cigar producing regions.

 a. Dominican Republic

 b. Mexico

 c. Colombia

 d. Peru

 8. A structured assembly of tobacco leaves in which water is added, setting the fermentation in motion is called a…

a. Curing Barn

 b. Pilon

 c. Chaveta

 d. Rolling Table

 9. No netting, mesh, or artificial shading is required in the production of wrapper leaf in this growing region due to a natural cloud cover that filters the sun.

 a. Nicaragua

 b. Honduras

 c. Ecuador

 d. Brazil

 10. Long before Little Havana, this community settled by the first wave of arriving Cubans was the heart of Cuban culture in Miami.

 a. Ybor City

 b. La Saguesera

 c. Miami Beach

 d. Coral Way

 11. What are the three top tobacco growing regions in Nicaragua?

3 or fewer Correct: I remember my first cigar...

4-6 Correct: The occasional cigar guy.

8-10 Correct: A real cigar aficionado.

11 Correct: Need a job?

 Answer Key:

 1. b

 2. d

 3. c

 4. d

 5. a

 6. c

 7. a

 8. b

 9. c

 10. b

 11. Esteli, Jalapa, and Condega 

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