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Studio Tobac

| Bryan, what is Studio Tobac and what is you're role at the Studio?

Bryan Schoole: Studio Tobac is the innovative arm of Oliva Cigar Co. It is where brands like Nub and Cain were born, and where true innovations are conceived. My role at the Studio is of Ambassador. I get to go around the country doing events and talking to cigar nuts just like us!

CC: What is your main message you hope to deliver to cigar enthusiasts?

BS: My job is to educate people about the work of the Studio as well as promote the Studio's latest projects. I will be rolling cigars at all events as well as answering questions about our projects. The main message is that there are still many innovations to discover in this age old craft and Studio Tobac is leading the way in the discovery of them. 

CC: Can you give us an idea of the kinds of projects currently underway at the Studio?

BS: Very exciting things going on right now. Projects like Cain Dayton​a and Cain F are just the beginning. We are working on a new way to ferment tobacco as well as some unique shapes that will deliver a unique smoking experience. Also, very exciting for is the fact that some cigar makers have approached us to share ideas and collaborate!

CC: Can you tell us which cigar makers have approached the Studio?

BS: We can't fully disclose but I am at liberty to share that Ernesto Padilla has met with the Studio Tobac Executive Board to collaborate on a very limited 10k cigar run. 

CC: That sounds exciting, when, what and where?

BS: The details are being worked out and the Advisory Board made up of consumers still have to weigh in on the blends but we anticipate a July/August release. The shape is a figurado style cigar with a full body blend made up of all Nicaraguan tobaccos. 

CC: Will the Studio make a private label for anyone, what are the requirements?

BS: No private labels. The Studio will only collaborate on limited release projects with fellow cigar makers we consider serious about innovation and the advancement of premium handmade cigars. Any special project must offer something unique to the consumer. It must be something we are excited about having in our humidor at home. 

CC: The Studio Tobac World Tour just started, tell us about that. 

BS: This is the most exiting tour since the launch of Nub in 2008. I will be touring the country in a customized Studio Tobac 2011 Corvette Grand Sport convertible which will be given away to one lucky winner. We will be showcasing several non-production cigars in our Studio Tobac Special Sampler. I will also be rolling some of the Studio's special blends on site. 

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