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Expert Tip: Humidification


​Maintaining proper, consistent humidity is critical to storing cigars. You could easily spend days researching recommendations on how to care for your humidor and maintain consistent humidity but you’d probably find yourself with more questions than answers. I recommend seasoning your humidor twice a year as the weather changes and maintaining two humidors; one for your everyday sticks and one for the blends you’d like to age. Follow this simple advice and you’ll find yourself consistently maintaining a humidor filled with well-aged cigars, year-round.

Believe it or not, humidity is sometimes overlooked by enthusiasts across the globe. Half of the cigar smokers that I’ve spoken to didn’t even own a hygrometer. The two most important tools: a hygrometer and a humidifier. Unfortunately, factory-supplied units are not the best in quality so I recommend spending the extra coin on more reliable units such as Humi-Care® products. It’s important to try and consistently keep your humidity at 68-70% at all times while ensuring the temperature remains at a cool 70 degrees. Consistency is key as any major fluctuations could upset the aging process and shock your cigars, causing problems with their burn, draw, smoke and flavor. Although consistency is the most important aspect of cigar maintenance, patience is the most important virtue to exercise as a cigar enthusiast. Just like weightlifting, you won’t see immediate results when first implementing these ideas into your daily routine, so don’t get discouraged. Be patient when maintaining your humidor and over time you’ll notice a positive change in flavor, construction and appearance.

When aging cigars, it is best to refrain from opening your humidor regularly. An excess of opening your humidor and handling your cigars disrupts the delicate aging process. Therefore, many aficionados will maintain two humidors: one for aging cigars and one for their everyday go-to brands. Be sure to keep your humidor in a cool, dry place during the summer months and in a warmer area during winter. Eventually, you’ll be able to tell the difference between a stored cigar and an aged cigar as aged sticks show oils, extracts, and offer a cedar aroma. They glimmer in light and are soft to the touch yet heavy in your hand. Most importantly, remember to exercise patience when caring for your humidor and you’ll rarely experience a problem with your cigars.

In short, anyone can own cigars. However, properly caring for and aging cigars in a consistent manner is nearly an art form requiring discipline, patience, and dedication. Once you master this concept, I guarantee you’ll discover a deeper passion for this art as your cigars will create a greater, more enjoyable experience. 

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