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Wine and Cigars


It’s not uncommon to have a drink in hand paired with your cigar, whether it’s coffee, beer, or a nice scotch, each one is satisfying. One pairing cigar enthusiasts seem to stay away from is wine with their premiums. Pairing fruity, oaky notes of well-aged wine with a similar flavored cigar seem like a great fit, but with all pairings taste is subjective to each palate. 

When pairing your cigars try jotting down notes to keep track of what you tried and what you thought of it, and also try each pairing individually. Consider when picking your wine that big-bodied reds will pair well most with richer cigars, and most white wines will best accompany a more mellow cigar. At the end of the day it all comes down to what you like, but to get you started here are some suggestions:

For mellow cigars like Alec Bradley White Gold, a light white wine like a Riesling would pair well.

For a bold full-bodied cigar like Padron Imperial, an aggressive wine like an Amarone will do.

A Cabernet would pair nicely with a velvety smoke like Arturo Fuente Anejo Extra Viejo 55 T.

A bottle of Rioja pairs great with cigars with coffee flavor like Rocky Patel Decade Torpedo. 

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