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Pipe vs Cigar


Cigars or pipe tobacco, both are a time-honored hobby many people enjoy. Some may wonder which is better in pipe vs cigar, but that all depends on your preference, and time. 

Cigars are less time consuming when it comes to getting the tobacco lit as opposed to pipes. With cigars you just cut them, light them, and are ready to enjoy where appropriate making it a more convenient option over pipe tobacco. While with pipe tobacco learning how to pack a pipe properly and light it takes time and is an art all in its own.

When it comes to cost most of what you’re spending on in cigars is in the tobacco itself, but with pipes you’ll end up spending more on quality pipes wanting more than one to not throw off the tobacco flavor with smoking one pipe too often, and lighters. Pipe tobacco itself is more economical where you can buy good tobacco to give you 20+ more smokes as opposed to getting a couple of good cigars at the same price. 

A cigar is also thought of more as a celebratory choice while pipe tobacco is more of a relaxing enjoyment. Pipe tobacco offers more aromatic flavor than a cigar making it more accepting in a crowd. And when pipe tobacco needs to be relit often doesn’t hurt the experience while it can with a cigar. 

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