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Expert Tip: Eliminating Odors


​​​By: Kelly Luciw​

Now that we’re full swing into August, it won’t be long now before the fall season appears and the occasional leaf on the tree begins to vary in color. With all these changes taking place, the sun’s heat will begin to dwindle, leaving us travelers, commuters, and occasional road-trippers to shield ourselves from the outside chill and roll up our car windows. We may not have noticed in past months but as the weather winds down, our windows are closed, and the sporadic stream of heat fills up our cars on chilly mornings. A certain scent may come along with it. Have no fear, I’m sure your car is in perfect working condition, but the smell? Not so much.

We’ve all been there this past year riding down a road, sitting in traffic, or heading towards adventure, enjoying a premium cigar along the way. Sure we have the windows down or perhaps the air conditioner on, but what we so easily forget is the fact that our cigar clouds travel too. There are a few ways to avoid unsightly odors for yourself or your passengers regardless of the time of year or temperature outside.

If you’re a firm believer in having your windows down, ride on my friend. We’re all guilty of hanging our arm out of the window or when we’re stopped at a light, letting our stogie-in-hand rest while the passenger window is either half way or all the way down. Don’t forget about the guys in the back!  A little bit will go a long way aiding towards the prevention of lingering odors.

If you’re the type to cut off those “windows down” ties of fresh air enjoyment, putting on the standby A/C or heat option while indulging in a fine cigar can have an effect on the interior of your car’s natural odors too. As the air circulates within your car, the savory flavors that you taste aren’t always the savory smell that’s left behind. The aromas circulating throughout your vehicle not only travel to the backseat, but also sneak their way into the unit. So the next time you go to blast that A/C or heat in the car, you’ll be introduced to an unwelcoming scent. A simple, yet effective remedy to prevent this situation is to avoid using excessive air or heat when enjoying your cigar on the go, or if it’s a must, try turning it on so it’s directed toward your feet.

Now that we’ve taken some preventative steps to enjoying a premium cigar and leaving the “stinky car smell” behind, let’s stray away from the typical masking measurements that usually follow. Sure it’s common to hang some pine tree scented décor on our rearview mirrors, but here are some effective products to achieve the ultimate, clean smell our passengers know and love.

We’re well aware of the stray ashes that fly across or crumble as we’re in route to our destinations. We also take note that an ashtray is one of the most convenient inventions for cigar enjoyment. As for our cars, many of us have an ashtray occupying a cup holder or two. If you don’t, you should. The convenience found in car ashtrays is unlike any other. With the Xikar Ash Can, you can easily keep your cigar safe and sound between each pleasant puff. Not only do car ashtrays fit perfectly into your cup holder, they also do all of the work when it comes to dealing with pesky, flyaway ash. Plus, you have a useful spot to stash your stogie.

Last but certainly not least in maintaining an odorless interior for your car is the ever popular Whiff Out Spritz. This little gem neutralizes the odor of your cigars and replaces those scents right on contact leaving a fresh, clean fragrance. Just spray throughout your car’s interior, and say goodbye to unhappy passengers. Also for the preservation of your car ashtray is Whiff Out deodorant powder. Sprinkle some of this in your ashtray occasionally, and it will eliminate those hard-to-erase odors.

By now you should be well on your way, whether you’re using your car’s heating and cooling unit or have all of the windows down. This time you’re traveling with confidence, gaining some useful tips and product information to prevent those unsightly smells you or your passengers face after cigar spoiling bliss. So get out there, explore, and embrace the open road with your “new car” smell.

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