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By: Kelly Luciw

There’s no debate that lovers of the leaf appreciate some solid downtime with their favorite premiums at hand. Often we search for the ideal combination of premium cigars, libations, food, settings, etc. when we want to just sit back, relax, and let the world spin ‘round. We always have a tendency to mention the ‘elite’ when it comes to cigar smoking, whether small-talking in cigar shops or in forums with our fellow cigar comrades. However, we are often caught off guard when we see celebrities we’d never think of enjoying a premium handmade. Here are a few celebrities that, like us, enjoy a premium time and time again—some may or may not surprise you. At the end of the day, one thing we all have in common is the love of a great cigar. 


With an undeniable competitive edge, dominating as an exemplary athlete on and off the court with the continued success of Brand Jordan, Michael Jordan is a legendary icon across the globe. After the release of The Last Dance, it is clear Michael Jordan appreciates premium handmades…not to mention, enjoying them while on the golf course, too. His first introduction to cigars was in 1991 with Hoyo de Monterrey Double Corona and, in 1993, it became a ritual for every home game. Jordan finds himself enjoying Cuban cigars, and appreciates Partagas Lusitanias. If there’s ever a time Michael Jordan is seeking relaxation, you’ll find him with a premium cigar in-hand while doing it. Fun fact: Michael Jordan’s home has a walk-in humidor, smoking lounge, and a home theater equipped with a high-end HVAC system so he can smoke there, too!


From bodybuilding competition, to terminating competition with silver screen appearances, all the way to governing the state of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger has quite the resume—not to mention his close ties with good pal, Daniel Marshall. So, what’s a man to do in his downtime? Well, we know…enjoy a premium cigar. Schwarzenegger experienced his first handmade in 1977, and finds Cohiba, Punch, Davidoff, Romeo y Julieta, and Hoyo de Monterrey as his go-to options when seeking moments of tranquility. 


Making his mark in Hollywood with a plethora of appearances in both film and television, Danny DeVito continues to broaden his reach of comedic style as seen in It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Always entertaining and quick-witted, Danny DeVito finds smoking a cigar when he’s working to be quite relaxing. Initially, cigars were an afterthought for DeVito, as his appreciation for premium handmades gradually grew. Coincidently enough, it was Arnold Schwarzenegger who initiated DeVito’s cadence of cigar enjoyment as a part of his regular routine. DeVito’s choice of premiums depends on his mood, but finds Cubans to be his favorite. Danny DeVito’s love of cigars has no bounds. DeVito has claimed while flying overnight, he wanted to have a stogie. The flight attendants made it clear he would not be able to enjoy the moment as it would upset passengers. With that, DeVito was determined and with his au natural charm, asked everyone on the plane for permission to smoke—he ended up smoking a cigar on that flight!


Known as the “Zeus of Wall Street,” J.P. Morgan founded General Electric, purchased The New York Times, and bailed out the U.S. Treasury—if that’s not money moves, I’m not sure what is! Aside from being a legendary business tycoon and robber baron, J.P. Morgan was often seen enjoying the 8” Maduro Meridiana Kohinoor, which his associates called “Hercules sticks.” While enjoying premiums, it is said each of Morgan’s yachts were fitted with a massive silver-encased humidor which could hold hundreds of his favorite handmades. Finding solace in an otherwise taxing life, J.P. Morgan enjoyed a few other cigars that fit his day-to-day. The Havana-made Regalia de Morgans became the go-to when Morgan was short on time, and the Meridiana Selectos was the mid-sized option when there was more time devoted to leisure within the day. 


Breaking through in the ‘90s, Jennifer Lopez quickly became a fan-favorite in both music and television (…and films, too!). Proving that cigar smoking is not “just for the guys,” Jennifer Lopez is known to indulge in a premium handmade every now and again. Finding the experience as a moment to slow things down, Lopez is often seen taking delight in a cigar with husband Alex Rodriguez. The power couple enjoys each other’s company with their favorite sticks on-hand. Rodriguez with Hoyo de Monterrey, and Lopez favoring Padrón. Finding the time to enjoy a cigar, Lopez can reflect on what’s important—even when she’s visiting friends, you can see her traveling with a humidor full of her favorite stogies!


Yes, even the star-studded, allure of Demi Moore is known to enjoy cigars. This glamorous Hollywood actress began her cigar journey for the fun of it. Noticing predominately the male audience enjoying a premium or two, Moore wanted to explore what was so appealing about the hobby. Her first cigar was a large Montecristo, which she found as too much. Eventually, she found the perfect fit with smaller cigars and, from there, her hobby took off. Gifted a travel humidor from Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman, Demi Moore keeps a variety of cigars on-hand to enjoy. Moore favors the passion that goes behind the craft of a premium handmade, as well as the social experience it offers. When taking in moments of inner peace, Moore can be found treating herself to Cohiba Panatelas, Montecristo Joyitas, or Cohiba No. 2 and Montecristo No. 2. 


This triple-threat of acting, singing, and fashion designing is no secret to the industry. Vanessa Williams initially gained recognition as the first African American recipient of the Miss America title. With ground-breaking moves across the globe, Vanessa Williams is another icon who enjoys a cigar—photographed around the boulevard enjoying an Oliva Connecticut Reserve. Williams claims to have no guilty pleasures as she regrets “no dessert, cigar or cocktail.” Vanessa, we’re right there with you!


Throughout the era of Hollywood television and movies created around mobsters, often ‘The Boss’ is seen with a cigar—especially when contemplating his next move. We can acknowledge, in this instance, Hollywood did a decent job with attention to detail as we travel back in time to the Roaring 20s with one of America’s most notorious gangsters, Al Capone. Unconventionally navigating his way through the world, there was one constant with Al Capone, he always had a cigar. Although it is not clear which cigars he smoked, it has been reported he was once seen with a Hav-A-Tampa. This infamous Chicago gangster enjoyed premiums so much, he even lit one up while heading on the train to his final destination. 


Paving the way into comedy, with Richard Pryor as inspiration, Steve Harvey solidified himself as a comedian in the entertainment business—you can see that with his own sitcom The Steve Harvey Show, as well as his hosting appearances for multiple television programs. In 1997 Harvey wanted to celebrate his many milestones, including the birth of his son, and he did that with a cigar. After that, Steve Harvey began his journey into the world of cigars, buying a humidor and filling it up with premiums that displayed the best-looking bands. Later on, he refined his approach and studied rating guides as well as speaking with store owners, which led him to the intricacies of cigar tasting. He soon found Ashton Maduro to be one of his favorites early on; from there, Santiago Cabana and Padrón Anniversary soon followed.


Sean Carter, the music mogul popularly identified world-wide as Jay-Z, is known for his lyrical genius in the R&B/Hip-Hop scene. A true lover of the leaf and an avid Cuban cigar fan, Jay-Z also enjoys Montecristo, Ramon Allones, and Davidoff Zino Platinum, along with many more. Being a hardcore aficionado, Jay-Z created a backstage “gentleman’s club” while on tour with Justin Timberlake. As anyone who appreciates a great cigar, Jay-Z notes a cigar is a gift to one’s self. 

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