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Did you Know? 25 Cigar Trivia, Facts, and Tips


In The Past…

1. Connecticut Broadleaf, the first great US cigar tobacco, was developed around the 1820s.

2. Originating in Cuba, Culebras are three individual cigars braided and tied together.

3. The phrase, “Close, but no cigar,” originated in the day when a cigar was a popular carnival game prize.

4. The Cohiba brand was founded in 1966 for Fidel Castro and other government officials. 

5. In the late 19th century, there were nearly 10,000 operating cigar factories located in Pennsylvania and New York.

In The Field…

6. Cigar tobacco plants need approximately eight hours of sunlight each day.

7. There are countless tobacco seed strains in each varietal family that cigar makers experiment with.

8. Cigar tobacco is typically grown within valleys due to the benefit of erosion and irrigation.

9. Sections of the tobacco plant from top to bottom are commonly classified as: corona, ligero, viso, seco, and volado.

10. Tobacco seeds are extremely small. Just one flower can hold around 3000 seeds.

In The Factory…

11. Large cigar factories can typically produce around 70 to 100,000 handmade cigars a day.

12. Tobacco leaves must have a humidity level of around 80 to 95% when being rolled in to a cigar.

13. A highly skilled or specifically trained cigar roller is referred to as a torcedor.

14. Cigar makers will often adjust filler tobacco ratios in a particular blend to compensate for various ring gauges.

15. A meticulous fermentation process, prior to being rolled into a cigar, accounts for the majority of the taste and aroma. 

In The Humidor…

16. The very first cigar humidifiers were made from hardened clay.

17. Water vapor is lighter than dry air so the humidity inside your humidor will naturally rise before becoming uniform.

18. A properly conditioned cigar can age and mature for a lifetime or more.

19. Spanish cedar used inside humidors is typically kiln-dried to prevent the bleeding of sap.

20. Prolonged exposure to light will eventually fade a cigars wrapper and evaporate essential oils.

Quick Tips…

21. Correcting an uneven burn with your lighter will help restore the cigars intended flavor profile.

22. The color of a cigar is not an indication of its strength.

23. A cigar box is not intended to be humidor and will lose humidity over time if not properly stored.

24. Warming a small bowl of distilled water in the microwave and placing it in your humidor can help expedite the humidor seasoning process. 

25. Re-sealable plastic bags will only preserve you cigars for a week or two before gradually losing humidity.

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