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Lesson for the Links: Golf Tips


There is no place I’d rather be than the golf course. Where else can you soak up the sun, place some bets, legally drink a few beverages behind the wheel, tease your buddies, and smoke cigars all in one place? Come to think of it, the thing I like least about the golf course is the “golf.” I’ll apologize in advance; there will be no slice fixes or putting tips to come.


The old adage goes, “It never rains on the golf course,” but I’m here to tell you the old adage is wrong. In fact, it rains quite a bit, but that doesn’t mean it should ruin your day. Want to shave a couple strokes off your game? Start playing in the rain. Keep a quality rain suit, umbrella, and extra towel in the bag. As golfers, luck is against us and chances are it will pour buckets at the next scramble or club tournament. If you want a leg up on the competition, book tee times for rainy days. Not only will you become a more seasoned golfer, but you won’t have to wait all day for the fair weather golfers ahead.


If you want to improve your game, forget that new driver or training aid and start wagering on your round. Whether it’s for drinks at the 19th hole or a $20 nassau, wagering on your skills will make you a better golfer. When you win enough off your pals, then go buy the driver, and let them know who paid for it. A few of my favorite betting games include the standard nassau, skins, wolf, 5-3-1, garbage, and quota. For the details on how to play, check online or ask your local golf professional. You can bet the golfers who dominate the member-guest may not be on the local tournament circuit, but they are wagering on their game every time the opportunity arises.


Golf does something strange to my palate; it makes me crave light beer. At home and out on the town I prefer stronger elixirs: bourbon, craft beers, and full-bodied wines. The golf course is no place for these stronger libations if you intend to improve your game. The most important part about drinking on the golf course is to bring a cooler with ice and save room for the 19th hole. Two or three drinks might calm the nerves and make you better; any more and you’ll lose focus. In short, if you want to win those bets, stick to lighter beers and buy your competitors a couple cocktails. They will pay for them later. 


To play your best you need to be relaxed, and what is more relaxing than a handmade cigar? Just like my palate changes for beer on the golf course, it changes for cigars as well. I tend to select larger, mellower cigars that don’t cost as much as my top shelf varieties. Larger cigars tend to stay lit better in between shots, and choosing a cigar with less strength will ensure it doesn’t negatively affect your game. Come prepared with 3-5 cigars, a travel humidor, a torch lighter, a cutter, and a cigar holder. All of a sudden the time spent waiting for the group ahead won’t be such a burden. It is said that golf is 90% mental, so enjoy a cigar or two to keep your mind right and you’ll be shooting better scores in no time.

There you have it, four easy ways to improve your golf game, or at the very least, enjoy it a bit more. It’s safe to say we will never reach the golfing prowess of Tiger Woods, but with a little practice and an open mind, we can enjoy the game more. Last but not least, the golf course is one of the few remaining havens to freely enjoy a cigar, so make time to hit the links and keep the tradition alive. 

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