Macanudo Gold



As good as gold.

Macanudo Gold is available only once a year, and features a silky golden wrapper that gives the cigar its name. As the best-selling brand in America, Macanudo is known for its mellow flavor and body as well as its consistency.

Macanudo Gold is a limited-edition line of Macanudo cigars that adds a unique, new taste to America's best-selling premium cigar brand. The Macanudo line of cigars is known for its smoothness and consistency, while at the same time offering different tastes to please every palate. Macanudo Gold uses rare Connecticut Shade wrapper leaves to create a distinctive, perfectly sweet and mellow experience for premium cigar smokers.

Handcrafted with the choicest wrapper leaves from the first and second primings of Macanudo's specially grown Connecticut Shade crop, Macanudo Gold cigars are blessed with a natural sweetness. The wrappers are elegantly thin, yet remarkably supple with fine veins. Their texture is especially smooth, without a hint of graininess. "Capa Especial" is the Spanish term for this wrapper of uncommon taste which, when combined with filler and binder tobacco of complementary character, results in a cigar that lives up to the tradition of quality that is Macanudo.

Court (Cigarillos) (4.2"x36)
Pack of 5In Stock$19.29
save $2.7914% off
Pack of 25In Stock$96.45
save $22.9524% off
Crystal (No Tube) (Robusto) (5.5"x50)
Pack of 5In Stock$49.95
save $9.4519% off
Crystal (Tube) (Toro) (5.5"x50)
SingleIn Stock$9.99
Box of 8In Stock$79.92
save $17.9222% off
Duke of York (Robusto) (5.2"x54)
SingleIn Stock$9.29
Pack of 5In Stock$46.45
save $8.4518% off
Box of 25In Stock$232.25
save $52.1422% off
Lord Nelson (Churchill) (7.0"x49)
SingleIn Stock$9.99
Pack of 5In Stock$49.95
save $9.4519% off
Box of 25In Stock$249.75
save $55.9822% off
Macanudo Gold Ascot (Cigarillos) (4.2"x32)
Pack of 10In Stock$20.49
save $4.4021% off
Pack of 100In Stock$204.90
save $51.6825% off
Shakespeare (Lonsdale) (6.5"x45)
SingleIn Stock$8.99
Pack of 5In Stock$44.95
save $8.4519% off
Box of 25In Stock$224.75
save $50.6723% off
Tudor (Toro) (6.0"x52)
SingleIn Stock$9.79
Pack of 5In Stock$48.95
save $8.9518% off
Box of 25In Stock$244.75
save $54.7922% off