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Crowned Heads Cigars

Crowned heads, a premium cigar company dedicated to crafting artisanal quality delivers in excellent flavor, balance and consistency. Owing to their small batch manufacturing and their use of rare and super premium tobaccos, Crowned Heads has established themselves as a cigar brand to be reckoned with. Each blend from Crowned Heads reveals a deft touch with the tobacco leaf as well as immaculate construction and a rich, deep flavor profile. Catering towards the modern palate, and with a classic old-school look and feel, their portfolio marries tradition with innovation, and already boasts a score of 90+ rated, best-selling cigars. From the earthy Headley Grange to the exquisite La Imperiosa, Crowned Heads stands proudly as a reliable hit making machine. For an example of a small batch boutique cigar done right that believes integrity, pride, and quality matter, try a Crowned Heads offering and witness a masterpiece of cigar craftsmanship. 


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