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Q & A: Coffee Beans In Humidor?

I love coffee-flavored cigars. Can I increase the flavor by surrounding them in coffee beans while they age?

10/03/12 | by JT of Parma, OH

​​Interesting question. We're assuming that your entire humidor consists solely of coffee-flavored cigars. In that case, adding coffee beans to your humidor, in theory, should increase the coffee flavor and aroma of your cigars. However, we don't actually recommend adding coffee beans to your humidor because coffee beans absorb more moisture at a faster rate than your cigars. So there's a chance that by introducing coffee beans to your humidor, you could end up drying out your cigars rather quickly, which will not only hurt the aging process and diminish your cigar's coffee flavors, but also put you in a position where your cigars may crack or not burn properly. 

by Sean G

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