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Rocky Patel Cigars

Rocky Patel has created his brand one customer at a time. During the cigar boom, Rocky ushered in the type of bold, full-bodied blends that dominate the market today, making him boutique before boutique was a trend. With fresh new concepts in blending, marketing, and packaging, Rocky is always trying new ideas and techniques for his cigars. These premium Rocky Patel cigars are handmade in Honduras and Nicaragua, and each tobacco blend is unique and delicious. Rocky Patel Connecticut is one of the kings of mellow-bodied cigars that are as good as any super-premium for a fraction of the price. His full-bodied blends, like Rocky Patel The Edge and the Anniversary blends, are complex and rich. His 90+ rated Vintage, Freedom, Royale and Platinum cigars are just as divine. With a portfolio this large, and this highly-rated, Rocky Patel includes the perfect premium cigar for any palate.


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