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A haul that hits the sweet spot.

Considered one of the most innovative cigar concepts of all time, Oliva's NUB brand is a bona fide best-seller. The Oliva team has been fascinated with a cigar’s natural tendency to fully develop in strength and flavor about 1/3 of the way into the cigar. Convinced they could capture this scene in a compact smoke that maintained perfect flavor from start to finish, team Oliva released NUB and the rest's been nothing but success.

Here's a heavy-hitting haul that really hits the 'sweet spot'. Stock up your cigar stash with this collection of fan-favorite, flavor-packed premiums from Oliva. 35 cigars in all, the impressive NUB Big-Haul Sampler includes NUB Cain ‘F’, the '92' rated NUB Cameroon, NUB DUB Double Maduro, and many more. Haul this collection all the way home, and enjoy full-flavored premiums that are sure to hit the spot.

NUB Big-Haul Sampler contains:
5 x NUB PLUS (5.0"x60)
5 x Cain Serie 'F' NUB (4.0"x60)
5 x NUB Cameroon (4.0"x60)
5 x NUB Connecticut (4.0"x60)
5 x NUB Maduro (4.0"x60)
5 x NUB Habano (4.0"x60)
5 x NUB DUB Double Maduro (4.0"x60)

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NUB Big-Haul Sampler
35 Cigars
$258.00 | save $118.01 | 46% off
$258.00 | save $118.01 | 46% off
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