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Spotlight Brand: Macanudo Cafe Cigars

Thoroughly aged, distinctively smooth.

Celebrated for its subtle body and mellow flavor, as well as its incomparable consistency - Macanudo Cafe is one of the top-selling cigar brands in the U.S. 

Since its inception, this beloved cigar brand has taken up permanent residence in humidors everywhere due to its unparalleled construction and pleasantly mellow taste.  General Cigar originally made Macanudo in Jamaica, but due to the adverse conditions moved production to the Dominican Republic, where it remains to this day.  

Combining a Connecticut Shade wrapper, Dominican fillers, and a unique binder grown in the San Andrés Valley of Mexico, the Macanudo is fairly straight-forward and light in flavor with a very short finish. Macanudo is the cigar that put General Cigar Co. on the map, and has led to their unprecedented success. Still on top as the best-seller, the name Macanudo is one of the most recognizable in world. Nowhere else can such consistency be found in a cigar. This blend is ideal for those enthusiasts who are just getting started or those veterans who don’t like an overwhelming level of flavor or body.

Q & A: Entubado vs. Accordion Bunching

I've heard about entubado and accordion bunching methods but what exactly is the difference?

10/01/10 | by CG of Santa Monica, CA

Entubado bunching is the original style used in Cuba to roll cigars. The process involves rolling each leaf “en tubo style,” or in a tube shape similar to a straw. The tobaccos are then combined, creating a cylinder shape consisting of smaller tubes of tobacco on the inside, which are then concealed by a binder and wrapper. Creating cigars using this style allows for a cool, slow and even burn in addition to supremely consistent construction and flavor. 

by Dave

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