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Spotlight Brand: Man O' War Cigars

November 20, 2011 |

AJ's finest creation...

Manufactured at Tabacalera Fernandez in Nicaragua, Man O’ War cigars have gone from obscure start up to certifiable legend overnight. Now reigning as one of the top full-bodied blends in the business, Man O’ War remains as a center piece in humidors everywhere.

Man O’ War’s success stems from its rare and luscious Habano Ecuador wrapper. The leaf is taken from the upper middle portion of the plant, known as viso, which is where some of the richest, oiliest and most coveted tobacco can be found. These viso leaves are then put through a three-year fermentation process that is personally overseen by AJ Fernandez himself. Once this incredible wrapper is ready, it is combined with a blend of aged Nicaraguan fillers, harvested from three separate farms. AJ then personally proportions the tobacco, since this blend is one of his most closely guarded secrets, to create an incredibly rich and complex cigar that falls right in line with the best premium sticks on the market. These cigars have all been aged at least six additional months after being rolled, to ensure that the wrapper blends harmoniously with the complex mix of filler. Man O’ War produces hearty, earthy flavors with hints of cashews and almonds, that are masked by a peppery aftertaste and a touch of sugar. It’s easy to see how a blend this delicious has risen to the top of the class overnight.

Q & A: Aging Process?

I noticed when I age my cigars they do taste different. They seem smoother and feel lighter on my palate. Why is this?

11/15/11 | by KM of Santa Barbara, CA

How well your cigars age depends on how well they were cured. This is why certain cigars age better than others because each manufacturer cures their tobaccos using different processes, most of which are closely guarded secrets. When you age a properly cured cigar, the oxidation process slows down. The starches in the tobaccos get converted into sugars, which then bond to proteins in the leaves, which then get oxidized into AGEs (advanced glycation endproducts). Its these AGEs that add "married" flavors to the cigar. The amount of AGEs in each cigar depends on how well its cured. So, if a cigar is properly cured and then properly aged, you'll find yourself with a smoother, creamy character. 

by Sean G

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