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Spotlight Brand: Punch Bareknuckle

August 5, 2012 |

The full-bodied Punch you've been waiting for!

The gloves are off and Bareknuckle is hitting you with everything it has!

Punch is one of the most famous brand names in cigars, originating in 19th century Cuba. Punch lovers can expect a consistent experience cigar to cigar, which has made it an everyday favorite for many. The strong full-flavored taste of a Punch cigar is unmistakable, and the multi-country blend makes it nearly impossible to replicate. With the long, storied tradition of Punch, Bareknuckle is a welcome addition with a blend that is sure to stand the test of time.

Punch has always had the reputation as making of the strongest cigars available, however, with the onslaught of potent blends that have hit the market recently, this reputation has subsided a bit. As the name implies, Bareknuckle hits hard with a potent blend of Honduran and Nicaraguan tobaccos, all encased with a dark, shiny Ecuadorian Habano Sun Grown wrapper. The components of the cigar work in unison to emit powerful flavors of espresso, spice, and cedar that produces a long, concise finish that will have you relishing each puff.

Note: Punch Bareknuckle has recently undergone a packaging update. 

Q & A: Flavor My Own Cigars?

Can I flavor my own cigars?

8/02/12 | by FC of Queens, NY


​​Yes, although we don't usually recommend flavoring your own cigars, it is indeed possible. If you're a fan of flavored or infused cigars, we highly recommend Drew Esate...they are the authority on infusion and you won't find a better infused stick in the industry. However, for all of you "Tim Taylor do it yourselfers," here's some tips. 

The best cigars to infuse are mellow Connecticuts or something with a Sumatra wrapper since the characteristics of the tobaccos won't overpower the infusion. You can infuse a cigar with anything from chocolate to alcohol and although there are a few different infusion methods available (injecting using a needle, adding a syrup to the wrapper leaf), we recommend using a liquid product and slowly infusing your cigars over a long period of time. For example, put 20 of your cigars in a wooden box that offers a perfect seal. Put the liquid flavoring (any type of alcohol, juice, melted extract such as vanilla or chocolate, or a dry flavoring you mix with water such as crushed ghost peppers) in a shot glass and seal the shot glass in the wooden box with your cigars. On a week by week basis, check the shot glass and add more flavoring accordingly when you see its empty. Open the wooden box as little as possible, only to check on your cigars each week. The longer you infuse your cigars, the more intense the flavoring will be, so its up to you how long you decide to infuse.

The key is to ensure the only humidity your cigars are receiving comes from the infusion liquid. Infusing using the liquid method creates a natural flavor with a powerful aroma, which in turns allows for a balanced experience. If you decide to apply a syrup to your wrapper leaves or to inject your cigar with a flavoring, you'll most likely find unnatural, unpleasant characters as the cigar burns.

by Dave

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