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Spotlight Brand: Oliva Serie 'V' Melanio

February 10, 2013 |

Nicaragua's Top-Selling Super-Premium... '95' rated!

The award-winning Oliva Serie 'V' keeps getting better... When Oliva Serie 'V' hit the market, it was near impossible to pick up a box. The '94' rated gem had enthusiasts going crazy for close to year. As Nicaraguan cigars have become more and more popular, Oliva has been leading the pack, putting out a wide variety of premium cigars. Having fled Castro after the Cuban Revolution the Olivas have grown tobacco all over the world which has lent to their huge success in Nicaragua. Today they are among the largest growers of tobacco in Central America.

Oliva Serie 'V' Melanio has been impressing enthusiasts across the country since its inception. To be forever compared to its predecessor -- the original, '95' rated Serie ‘V' -- isn't fair for any release, but Melanio handles the pressure in more than impressive fashion. Featuring top-notch Nicaraguan long-fillers graced by gorgeous, Sumatra-seed wrappers grown in Ecuador, everything these box-pressed beauty beget is all elegance and luxury; mouth-watering at 1st sight before your torch even has a chance to light! Each super-premium produces a flavor profile packed with smooth nuances of cold brew coffee, sweet cedar, ginger snap, and a slight, citrusy zest on the finish. Oliva Serie 'V' Melanio is a must-try for every enthusiast!

Ranked #8 on Cigar Aficionado's top 25 cigars of 2020!

Q & A: Luxury Collection?

I recently stumbled across your Luxury Collection cigars and boy are they expensive. What is the deal with those?

2/05/13 | by DH of Trenton, NJ

​​​​Our Luxury Collection mostly features Pre-Embargo and Clear Havana cigars, rolled in Cuba prior to the Cuban Embargo or rolled in the US with Cuban tobaccos that were shipped prior to the Cuban Embargo. In addition, you'll find rare, limited edition cigars from OpusX Sharks to Partagas 150. Everything in the Luxury Collection is incredibly limited; some cigars as old as 1868. We find them across the globe - mostly from museums and private collectors - and then we store them in a special aging room to ensure they remain in smokable, collectable condition. Due to the limited amount of cigars and their age (West End 1868, for instance, was rumored to be enjoyed by General Grant himself), much more care is needed to properly store them and therefore they’re much more expensive than cigars in regular production.

by Bryan

Review: CAO Cigars Extreme

Sean G Four Times The Ligero
CAO is one of my favorite brands out there. In fact, CAO Brazilia was the first cigar I’ve ever had and still one I go back to from time to time. The problem has been that their most recent releases haven’t lived up to my expectations. So when CAO Extreme hit our docks, I was a little skeptical. But the brand has done me enough good over the years to warrant me picking up a 5 pack to try…

The packaging and band, while great-looking, really plays up the four ligeros they use in the blend. For me, that’s usually not a good thing and I usually take that as “we’ve stuffed a lot of strong tobaccos in here because we couldn’t find a blend that worked.” But all of those reservations quickly subside as soon as I light it up. Powerful? Yes, but incredibly balanced. Frankly, I’m shocked how much I love this blend. I can only liken it to a powerful cup of coffee that you’re not sure you like at first but soon realize you can’t live without it. Notes of cedar, espresso, cashews and a subtle spice on the finish having me burning up this 5 pack real quick.
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