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Spotlight Brand: Kristoff Corojo Limitada

May 5, 2013 |

Kristoff's crowning achievement.

Kristoff is a small boutique brand from the Dominican Republic. And with each cigar you lay your eyes on, you realize what top-notch quality control is. Kristoff is a super-premium cigar that competes with the likes of Arturo Fuente, Davidoff, and Graycliff. The company only employs the most qualified Cuban master blenders, and all of them have generations of experience in cigar making.

Kristoff's most esteemed creation is a powerful blend comprised of Cuban-seed tobaccos from Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic. The oily Habano wrapper jumps right out of the box and is so oily you can practically see your reflection in it. Finished with the customary Kristoff shaggy foot, the cigar lights up in seconds and delivers flavors of dark chocolate, cedar, and a hearty dose of spice on the finish. Within the first puff of the cigar, you'll realize that the '93' rating it received is well-deserved, but you'd probably be willing to make the argument it deserved a higher rating than #11 on Cigar Aficionado's Top 25 list.

Q & A: Handmade vs. hand-rolled?

What is the difference between handmade cigars and hand-rolled cigars?

5/02/13 | by TS of Kutztown, PA

​​Great question. There are three ways to roll a cigar: by hand, by machine, or a combination of both. Machine made cigars are usually small cigars that use short fillers and usually sport homogenized wrappers. For hand-rolled cigars, the filler tobaccos (these can be long or short depending on the brand/blend) are usually bunched by machine and then a premium wrapper is applied by hand. Many of the bundled cigars are made this way and sport traditional sizes...this is why they tend to be less expensive than handmade options. Handmade cigars are blended, bunched, and rolled completely by hand. The majority of premium cigars are handmade such as 5 Vegas, Man O' War, Cohiba, and Macanudo, etc. 

by Dave

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