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Spotlight Brand: Drew Estate Herrera Estelí Norteño

December 21, 2014 |

‘94’ Rated - #7 Cigar of 2016!

This '94' rated follow-up release under the Herrera label is a stunner. Willy began his tenure as a manufacturer in Miami and rose in the ranks to become a blender for Drew Estate. His first effort, Herrera Esteli by Drew Estate, blew away the critics with its Cuban-esque profile and entubo style rolling technique. Now, he's back and better than ever with a brand new blend that soars to new heights.

Norteno means “northerners” in Spanish and refers to the people of Esteli, Nicaragua—the same place where Drew Estate and Herrera Esteli are located. Full-bodied and chock-full of hearty flavors, this impressive handmade includes a Honduran binder overtop a bevy of long-fillers harvested from the fertile soils of Jalapa and Esteli. It's all cloaked in a gorgeously appointed San Andres maduro wrapper leaf. Notes of nuts, chocolate, and coffee are accentuated by intense punches of pepper and spice. Full-flavored and full-powered, this sequel is destined to achieve just as many accolades as its predecessor.

Q & A: Christmas Party Cigars

Going to the wife’s office Christmas party and she told the ladies at work I’d bring along some cigars for the guys. Problem is, I’m sure none of these actually enjoy cigars. What do I do?

12/18/14 | by GK of Atlanta, GA

​Fortunately, I have some first hand experience with this. I spent last year in the same situation. “Oh, your husband works for a cigar company?! Tell him to bring some! [name redacted] loves cigars!” I, being the eternal optimist, packed some of my best stuff. So it took a lot of restraint to watch [name redacted] feverishly puff away on a Padron only to stomp it out like a cigarette. Really, dude?! And after getting put in that same position a couple times over the summer, I figured out the perfect solution.

First and foremost, pick the cigar that you want to enjoy first. Once your flag has been planted, offer some of the guys a cigar but make sure to pack the stuff you want to get rid of. Sell these suckers on these cigars. “That one? Oh, that’s delicious! I should’ve kept that one in my humidor but it’s yours if you want it!” But also make sure to pack two or three more good blends because maybe you run across a true enthusiast like us. Or maybe you just need an extra for the ride home when your wife is going over the current office gossip… 

by Dave

Review: Alec Bradley White Gold

Sean G I Can't Believe It
This guy has a whole warehouse full of cigars to review and he picks one of the cheap ones?! At least, I imagine that’s what you’re saying now. But, seriously, there’s a place for inexpensive cigars in all our humidors and you know that. Of course, what struck me about this blend was the Alec Bradley name attached to it. That alone is worth a try.

In a nutshell, Alec Bradley’s White Gold is a pretty tasty cigar. I’ve burned through a bunch of these lately. The blend is light and mellow with the typical nutty and creamy notes Connecticuts are known for. It finishes with a hint of spice and remains pretty consistent throughout. For a Cuban-sandwich blend, the construction is superb. This is a cigar you stock up on and fire up everyday when the weather gets warmer.
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