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Spotlight Brand: E.P. Carrillo Dark Rituals

March 22, 2015 |

Dark Rituals is back for a second reprise.

Originally debuting in 2011, this handmade from E.P. Carrillo sold out in no time at all, leaving enthusiasts hungry for more. Well, their desires have been answered with this stunning creation. Ernesto Perez-Carrillo is responsible for the popular La Gloria Cubana cigar line, and founded his El Credito Cigar Company in Miami. With roots in Cuba, Ernesto has cigar making in the blood. He's one of the best blenders in the business. It's no wonder his eponymous cigar label has been so successful so far.

Dark Rituals is a real powerhouse. Rich, dark, and inviting, it features an extra-fermented Connecticut Broadleaf maduro wrapper. Just beneath, a binder from Ecuador and a fine mix of Nicaraguan long-fillers complete the package. The complex character includes notes of tobacco, coffee, and leather, which are met with spice and sweetness. This is one blend that will excite your palate from beginning to end. But be sure to act quickly—no doubt with a blend this good, another sellout is likely.

Q & A: Relighting Your Cigar

What's the etiquette on relighting my cigar if it goes out? Is it frowned upon?

3/25/15 | by JT of Hartford, CT

​​​​​​​First and foremost, if your cigar extinguishes itself, it is perfectly acceptable to relight it. However, due to the charred tobaccos in the cigar, you may experience some foul and acrid nuances, which will create an unpleasant flavor. To avoid this, knock off any and all remaining ash left attached to the foot of the stick and then lightly blow through the cigar. In doing so, any extra ash left inside the burnt tobacco will be pushed out of the foot, along with any loose pieces of tobacco previously burned. Use a torch lighter to heat up the outer layer of wrapper and then begin to light the filler, while simultaneously puffing on the cigar and lightly blowing through it. The method of blowing through the stick will prevent any foul tastes from entering your palate while any excess ash will be burned away, leaving nothing but a truly satisfying taste and aroma.

by Andrew

Review: Diesel Uncut

Dave Diesel Uncut
It’s no secret we love Diesel around the office. And when we look at sales numbers, we can see you agree with us. So naturally, when Diesel Uncut hit the docks, they moved out pretty quickly. So now that the dust has settled a bit, it’s time to fire one up for a review.

Diesel Uncut wasn’t what I expected. It’s got a rich cedary core that gives off a semi-sweet finish. And the finish is excellent. Just incredibly smooth and pairs really well with light coffee. I expected a ton of spice but didn’t really detect any until halfway through. And even then, it’s subtle and sits on the back of palate. Also, the unfinished foot provides for a nice, easy light. With cadre of cigars to choose from here, I’ve found myself coming back to these over and over. There are better cigars to enjoy over the weekend but you’d be hard-pressed to find a better everyday option that’s easy on the wallet but heavy on the palate.
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