Villiger cigars are one of the oldest continuously existing brands in the world, having been established in Switzerland in 1888. It would be an understatement to say that after over 125 years in business, Villiger has learned a thing or two about the art of cigar craftsmanship. From their best-selling machine made cigarillos to their premium handmade long-leaf blends like Villiger 1888 Fuerte, Villiger cigars have been pleasing scores of enthusiasts for generations. From their highly rated premium long-leaf Villiger La Libertad to the always pleasing machine made Villiger Export, their portfolio is as deep as it is wide, and contains the perfect blend for any palate. Give this revered and celebrated cigar brand a try and experience the Villiger difference. 


Villiger 1888 Fuerte Cigars

Villiger 1888 Fuerte

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Villiger Bold Cigars

Villiger Bold

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Villiger Cigarillos

Villiger Cigarillos

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Villiger Colorado Cigars

Villiger Colorado

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Villiger Connecticut Cigars

Villiger Connecticut

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Villiger La Capitana Cigars

Villiger La Capitana

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Villiger Talanga Cigars

Villiger Talanga

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Machine Made Cigars

Villiger Machine Made Cigars


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