From working in the retail sector to lending his expertise to brands like Gurkha, Drew Estate, and Alec Bradley, veteran cigar maker Erik Espinosa has held a number of roles in the cigar industry. Espinosa’s crowning achievement may be opening his La Zona Factory in Esteli Nicaragua, where produces where he produces cigars for a number of brands, including his own 601 lines. Each cigar is made with the finest tobaccos available and rolled by some of the best torcedores in the world. 

The ‘93’ rated Box Pressed Maduro is a full-bodied Nicaraguan puro which exudes a rich and creamy aroma with perfect balance. The highly acclaimed La Bomba is among 601’s most popular offerings and one of its strongest. Often described as a “flavor bomb” this premium’s rich profile and immaculate construction will have you coming back for more. If you can’t decide on just one, the 601 Serie Collection offers a range of blends that will appeal to virtually any enthusiast.


601 Blue Box-Pressed Maduro Cigars

601 Blue Box-Pressed Maduro

As low as $8.95
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601 Green Oscuro Cigars

601 Green Oscuro

As low as $36.50
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601 La Bomba Cigars

601 La Bomba

As low as $9.75
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601 Red Habano Cigars

601 Red Habano

As low as $7.75
9 Options
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601 Snakebite Cigars

601 Snakebite

As low as $7.50
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601 Steel Cigars

601 Steel

As low as $7.60
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