Xikar Xi3 Cutter



Xikar's finest cutter.

When it comes to cigar cutters, Xikar has no equal. The brand has reached a legendary status by making the sharpest and most precise cutters in the business. Add in the fact the brand comes with its own lifetime guarantee and you can rest easy with a Xikar cutter on your person. Xi3 is the premiere cutter from the premiere brand. It's one of the few high-priced items that lives up to the hype.

Apple Coral
RedSaleOnly 2 Left$400.00
save $200.0150% off
Carbon Fiber
Carbon FiberIn Stock$130.00
save $20.0115% off
Carbon Fiber
Carbon FiberOnly 4 Left$130.00
save $32.5025% off
Phantom Damascus Black
BlackOnly 1 Left$500.00
save $75.0115% off
EbonyOnly 2 Left$100.00
save $25.0125% off
Phantom Cutter Carbon Fiber
Carbon FiberSaleOnly 2 Left$150.00
save $80.0153% off
Xikar Xi3 Pave Noir
BlackSaleOnly 2 Left$500.00
save $275.0155% off
Xikar Xi3 Phantom Redwood
RedwoodBackordered Notify$120.00
save $30.0125% off
Xikar Xi3 Phantom Spalted Tamarind
Spalted TamarindSaleOnly 1 Left$120.00
save $50.0142% off
Spalted Tamarind
Spalted TamarindOnly 4 Left$100.00
save $25.0125% off
Tiger Coral
CoralSaleIn Stock$400.00
save $200.0150% off