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A Monstrous Variety! 

Based off the popular Monster Series, Tatuaje does it again with this limited lancero Skinny Monsters Sampler Box. Featuring 10 of the Monster blends, Tatuaje's Skinny Monsters Sampler is sure to satisfy any enthusiast and collector. They're all here - The Drac, Chuck and Tiff, The Frank, The Wolfman and 5 MORE! Scare up your collector box of these tasty monsters before they're gone!

Tatuaje Skinny Monsters Lancero Sampler contains:
1 x Tatuaje Frank (7.5”x38)
1 x Tatuaje Drac (7.5”x38)
1 x Tatuaje Face (7.5”x38)
1 x Tatuaje Wolf (7.5”x38)
1 x Tatuaje Mummy (7.5”x38)
1 x Tatuaje Jason (7.5”x38)
1 x Tatuaje Hekyll (7.5”x38)
1 x Tatuaje Hyde (7.5”x38)
1 x Tatuaje Chuck (7.5”x38)
1 x Tatuaje Tiff (7.5”x38)

Tatuaje Skinny Monsters Lancero Sampler
10 Cigars
$95.00 | save $9.01 | 9% off
$95.00 | save $9.01 | 9% off
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