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Shuriken Anodized Cutter



A cutter that keeps your cigars intact…

The Shuriken Cutter is designed for those cigar enthusiasts who always dreamt of the day where they would no longer have to remove the cap from their cigars. Unique in design, the Shuriken cutter is handy and efficient when you want the perfect draw from your cigar, all the while keeping the cap intact. Easy-to-use, you simply open the cutter, carefully insert your premium cigar, and gently push. The Shuriken creates six neatly-created slits in the cap, but opens up your cigar just enough for a seamless draw. If you do not see slits in the cap, have no fear, simply take a pull on the cigar and see what the cutter can really do—after all, you take the time to smoke your perfect cigar, let Shuriken do the cutting for you. 

Shuriken Cutter
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