PSyKo Seven Maduro



The dark side of PsyKo Seven.

With its contemporary and cutting-edge packaging, you’ll know right off the bat that PsyKo Seven isn’t your run of the mill cigar. The cigar band mimics a prescription and urges you to ‘medicate your mind,’ and lest you think the prescription isn’t the real McCoy, it comes signed by ‘El Diablo Blanco.’

PsyKo Seven Maduro is outfitted with an oily San Andres maduro wrapper over an Ecuador Hybrid 151 binder, and a long-leaf blend of Nicaraguan ligero, Peruvian Pelo de Oro, Dominican Hybrid, Honduran Holancha, and Pennsylvania ligero tobaccos. The blend is medium to full-bodied and relays flavors including fruit, pepper, cream, leather, chocolate, and coffee with each flavor in balance and evolving. Try PSyKo Seven Maduro to experience a smooth cigar that reaches the height of complexity. 

Corona (5.5"x46)
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Gordo (6.0"x60)
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Robusto (5.5"x50)
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Toro (6.2"x48)
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